★Gel★-----Bio Sculpture Gel, Calgel, Vetro Gel, Presto Gel, Ageha gel, Gel X


★Hand (solid color)___$40.00(1 hour)

★Feet (solid color)___$50.00(1 hour)

★Solid (feet & water care)___$60.00

★Gel removal___$10.00(with new gel or polish)

★Gel Only / Gel X / Gel Powder Removal___$15.00

★Acrylic or Hard Gel Removal ___$25.00

★Refill(solid color)___$65.00

★Gel Extensions(solid color)___$90.00(2 hours)


★Gel mix colors___$4.00

★Silk wrap___$4.00(per nail)

★Ombre or French clear base___$2.00(per nail)

★Ombre or French color base___$3.00(per nail)






★Polish★-----ZOYA (Organic),Londontown Lakur (Organic),Essie Gel Couture, Deborah Lippmann


★Manicure___$15.00(30 min)

★Pedicure___$30.00(45 min)

★Mani&Pedi___$45.00(1 hour 30 min)


★Spa Manicure___$30.00(50 min)

★Spa Pedicure___$45.00(1 hour 10 min)

★Mani Pedi Care(no polish)___$40.00

★Kids Mani & Pedi (under 12)___$24.00

★Polish change(hand)___$10.00

★Polish change(feet)___$15.00


★Nail art___$1.00~$20.00(per nail)

★10 minute massage___$10.00

★Callus treatment___$10.00

★Keratin treatment___$10.00


                              Credit Card Minimum - $30.00

                              Please Tip with cash only

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